Welcome to IRITEL.

IRITEL is an Organization aiming to:

  • Support scientific research on subjects related to planning and development of health systems, with particular interest in systems of out-patient and home health care.
  • Support scientific research on telemedicine.
  • Provide training to doctors, nurses and other health professionals, in clinical procedures.
  • Offer networking of persons who have some relationship with telemedicine and planning – development of out-patient and home health care, in any country of the world.
  • Give advice to organizations and governments of any country of the world on subjects related to telemedicine and planning of health systems.
  • Establish standards.
  • Study ethical issues related to telemedicine and home health care.
  • Provide trainining to health professionals and volunteers on subjects related to out-patient and home health care in any country of the world.
  • Help people who live in poverty and in remote or isolated areas with difficult access to health services