Medical mission to small islands 2011

On the 5th of  December 2011 a  medical team embarked on a sailing boat to visit five small Greek islands, provide medical assistance, and establish telemedicine systems. The mission was successfully accomplished.

iritel team with the Mayor of Schinousa

The boat was equipped with medical and dental apparatuses such as ultrasound scanners and bone densiometer.


The destinations were:


  • Sikinos (200 inhabitants)
  • Irakleia (151 inhabitants)
  • Schinousa (206 inhabitants)
  • Amorgos (1200 inhabitants)
  • Donousa (163 inhabitants)



A large part of the population of these islands were exmanined, This was particularly important for people whose transportation would be difficult and painful.


Many of the inhabitants we visited in their homes live in places that are not accessible by car. In many cases we had to walk long distances uphill to reach them.

Iritel Pediatrics

These people, if needed to be transported, would have to ride a donkey to reach an automobile and from there to be transported to the boat.

Iritel patient on a donkey

In spite of the inconvenience of their transport to central health services, such a transport often causes significant financial burden to them and their families, as they have to be travelling for several days and to pay for their stay in a hotel.

Iritel visit waiting roomiritel dentistry at home irite ultrasounds at homeThe examinations performed included ultrasounds, triplex, bone densiometry (for osteoporosis), spirometry, dental work, ECG and blood tests.

We happened to encounter two emergency ophthalmologic cases which were totally managed via telemedicine. Otherwise both of these two cases had to be transferred to the island of Naxos.

Iritel telemedicine in opthalmology

Telemedicine was successfully used in one pediatric and a few dermatologic cases.

The residents of these islands expressed their gratitude for IRITEL’s visit. They are looking forward to our next visit and mainly for the operation of our 24-hour telemedicine programme.